A Long Hard Streak | About
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Billy Dean Anderson was a prolific criminal and outsider artist who escaped prison multiple times. He was added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List and fled to live in a Tennessee cave for almost five years. The cave became his home and spiritual refuge, while his paintings were a means of communication with the outside world. This is a story of a troubled, conflicted, sometimes violent individual and his struggle for redemption through art. Billy’s powerful legacy within an isolated community of the South says as much about the people of the area as it does about Billy himself.


Billy painted an unknown number of paintings during his life, and found a way to pursue his obsession while he was on the run from the FBI and living in the cave. Many of his pieces still exist in local homes and churches throughout Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, and beyond. With the help of his art, a journal Billy kept while in hiding, and accounts from family and friends we will discover a story of extremes – one that is often more complex than simply good or evil.